Design and Manufacture

Both Ditemsa and TEI focus on the design and manufacture of production foundry tooling for patterns and core boxes for hot and cold processes, semi-permanent molds for gravity and low pressure, mainly for cylinder heads and blocks.

TEI is a leader in design, engineering and manufacture of prototype-machined castings utilizing rapid prototyping technology, and low volume tooling. The company also specializes in the design and manufacture of robot fixtures and controls. TEI is a major supplier of hot and cold box low tubes and tips.

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Corebox Design and Manufacture for Coldbox and Hotbox Processes

Aluminum Core
Package System (CPS)

Molds for Aluminum

Patterns and Core Boxes for
Grey Iron Greensand Molding

Molds for Plastic Injection and
Blow Molding

Disa Pattern Tooling

Keycore Corebox

Transfer and Assembly

Painting and Lifting

New Tooling for Cylinder Heads
and Blocks Manifolds, Carriers

Automotive Components and
Non Automotive Components

Engineering Changes
and Maintence